Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Deacons Today: Dalmatics and Beyond: Questions, questions

Deacons Today: Dalmatics and Beyond: Questions, questions:   I posted this shortly after starting the blog, but thought that I would repeat it.   Questions, anyone?

"So, let's change things up a bit. I can keep posting things about the diaconate, but I'd like to try something: This is a great place t..."


  1. I am curious to hear your further thoughts on ordaining women to diaconal ministry. Your article in America last summer prompted me to read Gary Macy's very interesting book. It seems that before the year 1000 or so there were several types of women involved in diaconal ministry. Virgins and widows, abbottess, and the some wives of male deacons all seem to have been ordained. How would a female diaconate be expressed today?

  2. Deacon Bill,
    Thanks so much for your Blog; very engaging and helpful!
    Can you comment as to whether there are changes in the new Roman Missal that will effect the diaconate; what part do you see deacons playing in catechesis for the Missal, etc.
    Thanks for ruminating the some possible emerging ministries for deacons other than the "primal" ministry of charity.
    Best Regards,

    Chris J. Washington DC

  3. Responding to Michael:

    I think all of those points you mention are possible. But also look at what wider society is already telling us.

    --In contrast to a few years back, every police department I know now has has women officers assigned to their rape crisis intervention units.

    --Women chaplains are far more welcomed in women prisons than men chaplains are.

    --Women working in "post-abortion/ "Project Rachel" ministries naturally far -- FAR -- outnumber men.

    --I have checked and there are far more women who are "Professionally Certified as Campus Ministers" by the Catholic Campus Ministry Association than there are men so credentialed. I suspect the same data would prove true about "Professionally Certified Clinical Counselors" as well.

    --Women-Marines stationed in Afghanistan are usually used at check-points where Afghan women have to pass through or even in the civil-affairs/ community relations areas. I have been told by veterans of this scene that armed women in the US military are an incredible psychological weapon as well Taliban warriors are absolutely terrified of them.

    Bottom line -- there are many situations that women are in crisis and where women in ministry are a far - far better pastoral solution than are men.

    Dcn Norb in Ohio

  4. Deacon,I have a question.

    The vocation of a deacon was restablished a few decades ago,and they are clerics .
    The catholic orders like jesuits,franciscans, have a place for the clerics,but they dont have a place for the married permanent deacons.
    What will happen in the future? What are the catholic orders planning for the married permanent deacons?
    The diaconate will be only a diocesan vocation or the orders will acept them too ,as jesuit deacons or salesinas deacons...?