Sunday, May 8, 2011

Moving Out, Moving In. . . .

Sorry for the long delay in posting.  My last reflection was posting on the Easter Vigil, and I hope that everyone is having a transformative Easter season!  As we gradually experience this tranformation of new life, we here are living that transformation on many personal and professional levels as well, so the liturgy and life are truly wedded.

During Easter Week, I flew to Nashville to address the annual convention of the National Association of Deacon Directors (NADD), and had the chance to spend some time with a friend from college who is now the Bishop of Nashville, Bishop Dave Choby.  It was good to visit with him and to sip a little Jack Daniels and share a few stories from "the old days".  Then I flew home to assist and preach at the Baccalaureate Mass for the graduates, families, faculty and administration of Saint Leo University.  It was quite an honor to preach the Mass, presided over by Abbott Isaac Camacho, OSB, since this was my last official act as a member of the faculty of the University.

Actually, that's not quite true: the following day I taught my last graduate class for Saint Leo: the deacon candidates' class in the Diocese of Orlando.  And the highlight of that was a Mass with the candidate community, and again, I was privileged to preach.

This past week, then, I moved out of my University office (which was about half the size of the office depicted in this photo!), and my wife and I are packing up for our move to the Diocese of Monterey, California!  It will begin with a drive up to Charleston, SC, where I will spend the day with the diaconate community there, and then head out due West until we hit California!

So, keep us in prayer as we begin yet another chapter in our adventure of life and discipleship.  Now that the school year is ended, I'll be posting more regularly!


  1. Dear Deacon Bill, I am a Deacon Candidate for the Diocese of Oakland, CA, not to far from your destination of Monterey, CA. Years ago, while in the seminary, I had the privilege of getting to know then Father Rich Garcia, who you'll soon be getting to know as your Bishop in Monterey. He is truly a holy man, as I am sure you will surely agree. Perhaps someday in the not too distant future, my formation class (just finishing up our first year of formation, culminating in the reception of the Rite of Lector) can have the honor of your presence at one of our classes!

    Good luck at your new assignment!

    Yours in Christ,
    Rob Federle
    Livermore, CA

  2. I lived for four years in San Jose on assignment from the UK. Monterrey is fabulous - can highly recommend First Awakenings for breakfast (near the aquarium).
    Good luck, God Bless

  3. Deacon Bill - You will LOVE Monterey and the surrounding area. My wife and I were posted at Fort Ord for a few years before it was shuttered, and thoroughly enjoyed the area. Many beautiful memories of raising our children there and experiencing that part of the Coast. Have lots of patience driving up and down Highway 1 - if you haven't been to Big Sur, it is a must see.

    Blessings to you and your wife on a fruitful ministry to the central coast!

    (We were in the Charleston class as aspirants to the permanent diaconate and completely enjoyed the presentation.) Pax Christi!

  4. Welcome to the West Coast, Deacon Bill! I hope that now that you are closer to us in Alaska, you can come up and visit us sometime!

  5. Thanks, everyone! Yes, it is wonderful to be back in Monterey. We lived here in the late 1970's when I attended the Defense Language Institute here, and we lived at Ft. Ord. Bishop Garcia is a fantastic man who is a joy to serve with.

    I'm really looking forward to visits to the neighboring dioceses as well. Oakland is home to two very close friends: Fr. Ray Breton who was a Navy chaplain and lived two doors down from us when we were stationed on Guam, and Msgr. Ted Kraus, with whom we worked so closely on the National Directory on the diaconate.

    Now, Paula, I'll be back up there, but you'd better get Bishop Burns' permission first! LOL!

    Thanks, all,