Thursday, July 7, 2011

Moving On. . . . What shall we talk about?

OK, I'm all settled in (well, mostly) to my new jobs, and there's been so much on the news (both religious and secular) to choose from!  I entered (briefly) into the whole Corapi mess, but now it's definitely time to move on.

So, what shall we talk about about?  What's on YOUR mind these days?


  1. I wish you would tackle the topic of how best to prepare Catholics for "faithful citizenship." Many of the deacons are charged with that task, and in our very divided society--reflected in the Church--it is a thankless one.

  2. Dear Deacon Bill,

    We already miss you, your Sunday sermons and your special presentations (especially those delivered to us at our Men's Ministry "Rediscover Jesus") this past year at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, in Land o Lakes,
    I would be very interested to see you discuss The Beatitudes. In light of the very unfortunate Fr. Corapi matter, and also the confusion arising from the Casey Anthony trial and verdict, perhaps you could consider an essay on the fourth and the eighth Beatitudes
    •"Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill." and "•Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.


  3. How about aspects of Bp Sample's recent pastoral letter on deacons, not in a mean-spirited way, but substantive way. I know we had a fairly robust discussion on deacons and preaching sometime back over at Greg's place, but I would like to pursue it further.

  4. How about more on civility in public discourse among Catholics? The Deacon's Bench collapsed under the weight of Betty Ford comments, and you experienced it mightily recently.

  5. Well; I'm home. I think my colleagues are still making their way back to Warsaw. Thanks for the lunch and visit on Monday July 11.

    I, like Deacon Scott, would like some discussion out in blog-land about deacons and preaching. I'll start:

    --I have always sincerely believed that the best of "Diaconal-preaching" is always VERY different than the best of "Presbyteral-preaching. The styles are different, the examples are different, and -- yes -- the sincerity and integrity and "life-experience" is different.

    --Having said that, there is a skill to do this well. Like all skills it must be practiced.

    --Also like all skills there are objective standards that have to be evaluated.

    My question, then, is who/what provides the evaluation? For instance, is it credible that a priest/pastor evaluate a diaconal-homily when that same evaluator may not have his own skills perfected yet?

  6. Hello All,

    Preaching sounds like a very good topic. I would also be interested in discussing the 'optional' nature of the diaconate and the related notions of the number of deacons, i.e. the “clearly identified specific need in the community” required to ordain deacons (Sample's pastoral letter pg. 18). Thanks.