Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here we go again. . . .

Gentle readers, it has been far too long between blog posts, but life has been -- for all of us, I'm sure! -- full, rich and packed with other things which demand our attention.  However, following a summer of relocation from Florida to California, beginning a whole series of new responsibilities, and various family matters, now seems like a good and appropriate time to start things up again.

I'm writing from beautiful Rome, and I don't mean the beautiful Rome in Georgia.  As I've blogged about before, several of us deacon-theologian-professors are launching a new international advanced studies institute on the diaconate here at the Vatican. We are meeting tomorrow with representatives from the Vatican (the Congregation for Catholic Education) and the various pontifical universities who will be involved with the Institute.  We will be discussing the final details of dates, times, costs and curriculum, so it promises to be a full day!  If all goes well, we will offer the first courses this coming summer.  I'll provide all the details as soon as they are finalized.

For now, however, I'm off!  I'm going to walk over to St. Peter's and spend an hour in prayer at the tomb of my hero, Pope St. John XXIII.  I know, I know: the rest of the Church hasn't yet canonized him; but I claim the ancient practice of canonization by acclamation!  I will keep all of you and your intentions in prayer.

A presto!


  1. I look forward to the establishment of the Institute, Bill. I alslo look forward to more frequent posts. I pray and hope that all goes well and I look forward to the details.


  2. It will be great to read the blog regularly again. But it will be even better if the diaconate gets a boost from the new institute. I pray for its success.

  3. Bill: I hate to tell you but we were all getting stale. Part of the reason why I was not that interested in blogging is that after I returned from my visit with you in July, I had to start working with a brand-new pastor -- with a whole bunch of totally different priorities than our last one. Such fun!

    Deacon Norb in Ohio