Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Marking a Wonderful Milestone

While personal and professional obligations have kept me from blogging over the last couple of weeks, I hope to get back on track soon.  I could not, however, let the day pass without honoring a most significant date in Church history.

On this date, 25 January 1959, 53 years ago, Blessed Pope John XXIII announced his intention to convoke the Ecumenical (General) Council which would come to be known as the Second Vatican Council.  You can read an excellent take on this event HERE.  What is interesting, and quite disturbing, however, are some of the negative responses about the Council found in the comboxes following the article!  As someone who lived through and studied the Council ever since, I find the misconceptions and downright disinformation about the Council that exists "out there" to be most appalling.

Most scholars of the 21 ecumenical councils recognized by the Catholic Church agree that it takes many decades, perhaps 100 years or so, for a Council to be "received" substantively.  If that's accurate, we're only about half-way there!

Keep the Council alive!


  1. Later today I will be teaching the first class of a course in the Documents of Vatican II for candidates in formation for the diaconate here in Atlanta. A while back, I posted here that the course had been dropped from our formation program, and you suggested I have our directors give you a call. Apparently that did the trick, and I thank you for it, Deacon Bill. (I just hope this year's candidates will thank you too.)