Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Signing Off. . . at least for now

Gentle Readers,

As has been obvious, I have found it increasingly difficult to post on this blog with any regularity for quite some time.  The fact is, I have dedicated much of my professional and ministerial life for the last 25 years to promoting, studying and teaching about the renewed diaconate in the Catholic Church.  I had hoped that starting a blog would facilitate some of that effort, and it has been, for me, a real act of love.

However, I have found that various other priorities -- family, diocesan ministry, teaching, parish ministry, writing (I am currently working on four book projects, plus I'm a regular contributor to Priest and Deacon Digest) and traveling to direct retreats and to present at convocations of priests and deacons -- are just keeping me from being able to give the necessary attention to the poor blog.  What I need is a good blog editor who would be willing to take that on for me!  Comments from readers critical of my sporadic postings (as well as criticizing what I DO choose to post; seems like others had a view of what this blog -- my personal blog, no less -- should be!) have confirmed me in this decision.

So, at least for the foreseeable future, I'm signing off the blog.  If you have any need to contact me, please find me on Facebook or e-mail me at billditewig@msn.com.

God bless all here, and be good servants to each other!



  1. Just awful! Deacon Greg just decided he wouldn't be taking any more comments on his "Deacon's Bench" posts, and now you have abandoned blogging altogether. What are we left with? Father Z?????

  2. Oh how I understand, but how sad I am. This has been a place of wisdom, insight and hope. Which appears to be a mirror of just who you are!

    Peace and good to you! Thank you for everything you have done here!

    P.S. - what Ron says! :-(

  3. Romans 1:8

    I give thanks through the Risen Lord Jesus to the Living God for you . . .because the whole world has heard of your faith!

    Only the very best of blessings!

    Deacon Norb in Ohio

  4. Thanks Dcn Bill for many wonderful posts and all the great work you have done for the Permanent Diaconate.

    May the Holy Spirit continue to guide, support, inspire, and sustain you.

    God Bless

  5. Sorry to see this end (at least for now) Bill...but we know where to find you.

    Peace be with you!