Friday, June 17, 2011

Fr. Corapi speaks: “I’m not going to be involved in ministry as a priest anymore…”

Fr. Corapi speaks: “I’m not going to be involved in ministry as a priest anymore…”

Deacon Greg Kandra, and many others, have now reported on the latest developments in the Corapi matter.

No matter where you fall on your opinion of this man, it is time now to pray for everyone concerned. In particular, we should be praying for the many people who placed so much faith in his ministry. They are finding all of this quite devastating.

Let us pray. . . .


  1. PS to the post:

    Does it strike anyone else as more than a little odd that Mr. Corapi already has a full-blown marketing campaign in place as the "Black Sheep Dog"? This couldn't have happened over night. So, it would seem to me that, instead of working with ecclesiastical authorities to deal with the accusations against him, he's been working with his company to develop this new marketing line! I'm not a cynical person by nature, but I have to wonder. . . .


    “Black dog” was the expression used by Winston Churchill to describe his bouts of depression.

    The first recorded use of black dog as a colloquial term for melancholy is by Samuel Johnson, the creator of the English dictionary, who suffered from what today would be termed clinical depression. Johnson called his melancholia ‘the black dog’ in conversations and correspondence with his friends.

    Writers Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson also made reference to the “black dog” in their lives.

    Black dogs are also a symbol in ancient religions of of death and afterlife.

    Cornelius Agrippa, a philosopher of the 1500s, was persecuted for non-conventional beliefs; his pet black dog was presented as evidence of his sorcery.

    Howling dogs are also seen as omens of death and illness.

    more about the black dog symbolism...

  3. I once new a man named Anthony Cipolla. At the time I met him, he was Fr. Anthony Cipolla. He kept talking about how his bishop and others were trying to silence him, that he was a victim of lies, slander, etc..He prayed the rosary, said confession, preached, was seen at EWTN, etc. He was eventually laicized by Pope John Paul......I am always leary of a priest with little supervision who says because of his holiness, etc., is is being persecuted.......

    1. Harvey...your intuition was spot on. He molested my two sons in 1978 in Pittsburgh Pa. He is a liar if he says otherwise.

  4. Fr. Corapi is the second priest I know of in the past year who has been, quite possibly, unjustly smeared and thrown under the bus by leaders in the Church. (The other I know personally. He is one of the very best priests I have ever known, and he has suffered terribly. I believe with all my heart that he is innocent.) It is true that priests accused of transgressions are now PRESUMED GUILTY and crucified to spare the Church any further embarrassment, in the wake of the sex abuse scandals. The pendulum has swung to the opposite extreme: in the past, guilty priests sometimes remained in ministry, despite repeated offenses, and the issue was covered up in order to prevent any public scandal. Today, any accused priest is DESTROYED, even if the only “evidence” against him consists of unsubstantiated claims and heresay, IN ORDER TO PREVENT ANY PUBLIC SCANDAL! So first, guilty priests got away with crimes, and now innocent priests are branded guilty, all to protect the Church’s reputation. In the long run, I don’t think either strategy is working. Both extremes are unjust: one to the faithful, the other to our priests. Isn’t it about time we have a system in place that is based in truth? God Bless all of our priests. Each and every one of them must live in constant fear that baseless allegations might someday ruin his life and end his vocation.

  5. Father Anthony Cipolla needs to tell the truth
    about 1978. He hurt my two boys. The youngest
    still suffers. How can he or anyone be forgiven
    if they refuse to man up and admit what they've
    done and ask for forgiveness?? Denying your
    transgressions doesn't absolve you of your sins.
    Remember...Tommy was only 8 years old and
    Frankie was just 12. D Thompson

    1. Diane Thompson2 contact me about Anthony Cipolla. My email is

    2. Yes Brigette, can I help you? DT2