Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some of my former students, now brother deacons

The news is eveywhere: new deacons being ordained in the Dioceses of Pittsburgh, Venice, Atlanta and elsewhere.  Here's still another!  Bishop John Noonan ordained five new deacons this morning for the Diocese of Orlando.  I highlight them especially, since I was privileged to be one of their professors of Theology during the academic component of their formation. 

So, to my new brothers Israel Colon, George Ferraioli, Mark King, Scott Lindeman, and Bill Timmes: Congratulations, and ad multos annos!


  1. Well, congrats to our new brothers. How blessed they were learn from you!

  2. As Director of Formation, few are as pleased as I am to see our three new deacons, Bob Gaitens, Jim Hanks and Leo Pastore, ordained for the Diocese of Venice in Florida! Since 1999, the good Lord has allowed me to have some small and privileged part in the formation of the eight men of 2005, the two of 2007 and five of 2009as well. We're now working with five men in the Class of 2015 and are doubly blessed by having three Hispanic aspirants. God is good!

    Deacon Bill Ladroga

  3. Congratulations to all! I am a hermit in canonical discernment under Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, and would like to ask if you would write to me?